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Improving weather means time to think about motorcycle safety

As the long winter finally starts to come to an end, roadway conditions around Illinois are beginning to improve. More people may be encouraged to travel throughout the state, including motorcyclists. Motorcycle enthusiasts have been waiting a long time to get back on the road, and it is important that both riders and other motorists take a few moments to remember some of the things that they can do to improve motorcycle safety in the region.

For riders, the prospect of being involved in a motorcycle accident is a very serious threat each and every time they head out. Motorcyclists should never assume that other motorists will actually be able to see them make lane changes or other maneuvers, so it is important that they practice defensive driving. When approaching intersections, motorcyclists should be on the lookout for cars turning into their lane without notice.

For motorists involved in these accidents, they frequently claim to not have seen the motorcycles until it was too late. They may not have realized that a motorcycle was in a blind spot, and they made a move that the motorcyclist was unable to anticipate or avoid. Drivers should always be sure they check for other vehicles around them before they change lanes or proceed at stop lights.

Motorists also have problems trying to determine the distance between their vehicles and an approaching motorcyclist. Drivers may not be able to know how much ground the motorcycle is covering in a short period of time, and this could cause problems when the vehicles are turning. If the motorcycle does not have enough time to stop, it could lead to a crash.

Motorcycle accidents often leave riders in very vulnerable positions. They may not be able to do anything to avoid the crash, and they end up taking the full impact of the collision. This can lead to extremely serious injuries, which can be very expensive to treat. Some individuals injured in these crashes may never be able to completely return to health.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle or other type of motor vehicle accident, you should contact an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Your attorney will be able to aggressively fight for the compensation that you need to help you pay for your medical expenses, which will allow you to focus on your recovery. You may feel like you have no choice but to accept a settlement offer from the insurance companies, but you do have options available to you.


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