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Our society has determined that those unable to provide for themselves due to physical or mental disabilities deserve financial support. The Federal Government has put in place two programs called Social Security Disability (SSD) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI), which are designed to provide disabled Americans with the monthly payments they need to live on. However, getting approved for these programs is not easy.

Helping Disabled Americans

At Frederick & Hagle, we help disabled citizens get the benefits they are entitled to under the SSD and SSI programs.

Even if you clearly have a disability, simply applying for what you are entitled to is usually not enough to become approved for these programs. The Government places a high standard of proof in SSD and SSI cases, so when you apply, you will very likely be denied eligibility. At that point, you must file an appeal and go through a hearing before an Administrative Judge.

The laws and regulations governing these programs are very complex. Providing clear and convincing evidence of a disability, especially when it involves a psychological matter, is very difficult. At Frederick & Hagle, we have a comprehensive understanding of the laws governing these programs and we know how the Administrative Courts work. As highly accomplished personal injury and catastrophic injury attorneys, we understand complex and serious medical conditions, and we can apply the law to the facts of your case.

Many people who apply for these programs will be initially denied. Getting approved requires an experienced Social Security Disability lawyer, and it takes patience and perseverance.

The sooner you talk to us about your case, the better.

We can provide guidance through the process, help with all paperwork, and representation in Administrative appeals.

For your free consultation with a Social Security Disability Lawyer at Frederick & Hagle call us now at 1-800-642-1227, or contact us online. There is no attorney fee unless we recover for you.


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