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Premises Liability

Injured Because of Dangerous Property Conditions?

Property owners and managers are required to maintain safe premises. When they do not, and people are injured as a result, owners may be held liable. The injured party may be able to obtain compensation for medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation and other costs of the injury.

How a Lawyer Can Help

At the Champaign-Urbana firm of Frederick & Hagle, our lawyers help people who were injured because of defective and dangerous property conditions. This area of the law, known as premises liability law, allows a person to seek compensation if a property owner was negligent in maintaining his or her property. Premises liability law in Illinois is very complex and requires the plaintiff to demonstrate negligence in a very specific way. Our lawyers have handled many cases such as yours and have the knowledge and experience to develop a strong argument for full and fair compensation.

Examples of Our Cases

We have handled numerous premises liability cases, including claims arising from conditions such as:

  • Broken sidewalks
  • Slippery or icy stairs and sidewalks
  • Broken stair railings
  • Burned out lights
  • Inadequate security

In Illinois, the law favors the property owner rather than the injured person, especially in cases arising from inadequate security. That is why it is important to have an experienced attorney to advocate for you, even if the case seems like a simple slip and fall. Our firm has been handling homeowner accident liability cases since 1975. We understand what is required to obtain results.

Advice to Injured People

Our lawyers advise injured people to speak with an attorney before giving statements to insurance adjusters or other representatives of the property owner. Premises liability law in Illinois is complex, so it is important to know whether a statement might be used against you. Take pictures of what caused you to fall. Do not hesitate in contacting an attorney – sometimes the evidence necessary to prove that someone else left a dangerous condition disappears quickly, and you want to be certain that you get legal advice as quickly as possible, before your case melts away. Our lawyers can advise you about what to do after an injury caused by defective or dangerous property conditions.

Contact a Lawyer

To learn about your options after suffering an injury resulting from dangerous or defective property, contact Frederick & Hagle to schedule a free initial consultation. Call us toll free at 1-800-642-1227 for an appointment. You pay no attorney’s fee unless we recover compensation for you.


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