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What to Do After An Auto Accident In Decatur

A serious car accident is a shock to most people who are involved in any way: driver or passenger, injured or not, bystander or participant. It is natural to be frightened and confused about what to do. If we have fulfilled our hope with this website, perhaps you are reviewing this list of “to do’s” before any accident has occurred — or after an accident, via your mobile device at the scene of a crash. You may be in an emergency room in Decatur, looking for tips on steps to take and what not to do.

Whatever your situation, Frederick & Hagle is here to help. We are glad to share some important tips about what to do after an auto accident in Decatur. We regularly advise clients throughout central Illinois, in Decatur, Champaign, Bloomington and elsewhere, as follows:

  • Seek medical help right away.
  • Follow doctors’ orders after you are evaluated and treated.
  • Work with the best health care providers you know of. If you wish for referrals to doctors, hospitals or clinics, ask a personal injury attorney. Our lawyers have worked with many injured people and we can share with you some of what we have learned about choosing a physician.
  • Keep copies of all records related to your accident on file: medical bills, insurance policy information, a police report and any other relevant documents or evidence.
  • Take photos of the wrecked car(s) and injuries, if they are visible.
  • Get names and phone numbers for anyone who witnessed the accident, if possible.
  • Cooperate with the police at the scene of the accident. Otherwise, do not give statements to investigators or to your insurance company before you have contacted a lawyer to learn about your rights.
  • Contact a personal injury law firm that offers free initial consultations and represents injury victims on a contingency basis.
  • Work with a lawyer you can trust. Collaborate with him or her as you prepare a compelling injury claim or lawsuit.

What to Do After An Auto Accident In Decatur:
Seek Medical Help — Take Photos — Contact An Attorney

To learn whether you have a case after a car accident, contact Frederick & Hagle to schedule a free initial consultation. Call us toll free at 1-800-642-1227 for an appointment. We can visit you at home or in the hospital if necessary. It is not necessary for you to come to our Urbana office.


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