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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Champaign Hit-And-Run Accident Lawyers

Injuries due to car accidents make many things in your daily life challenging. One aspect of your accident that can create an even greater complexity for your injury case is trying to retain financial compensation and benefits in a hit-and-run claim. When the lawyers at Frederick & Hagle represent your interests in your motor vehicle accident claim, we will initiate a thorough investigation of the accident scene and use all available resources to track down the negligent driver.

Car Accident Lawyers Serving Central Illinois

Identifying the negligent driver is a critical component of any motor vehicle accident case. Knowing the driver can open up a new window in recovering benefits for your injuries. Our lawyers follow a strict investigation process and will:

  • Work with accident reconstructionists who can accurately determine the cause of the accident
  • Talk with witnesses, examine photographs and gather testimonials from appropriate parties involved in the accident
  • Pursue maximum compensation and benefits for your case

At Frederick & Hagle, our Champaign hit-and-run accident attorneys are extremely experienced at representing all types of auto accidents. We have extensive trial experience and knowledge of how to fight against insurance companies. Throughout Central Illinois, we are known for the aggressive approach we take when representing our clients, and our ability to achieve successful results. Before taking steps that may hurt your case, talk to a lawyer at Frederick & Hagle.

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