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Workers’ Compensation

Illinois Accidents at Work Attorney

Injured on the Job?

Federal law requires each state, including Illinois, to provide workers compensation insurance that provides injured employees with medical care and income replacement benefits. This sounds great in theory. But in reality, the system favors employers and their insurance carriers. Obtaining the benefits you need can be challenging.

Workers Comp and Third Party Claims

At the law firm of Frederick & Hagle, our lawyers have helped thousands of people get the workers compensation benefits they deserve. We understand the workers comp system and help you get through the maze with full compensation for your injuries, lost wages and ongoing medical expenses. And if your injury was caused by a negligent third party, we can file a second claim against that party’s insurance company to obtain justice. We have been handling such cases since 1975.

Advice to Employees Injured in Accidents at Work

Employees who are injured on the job should call a lawyer as soon as possible. Many workers are reluctant to do this because they think they will lose their jobs. We are here to protect workers from employers’ illegal behavior. You cannot be fired because you filed a workers compensation claim or third party lawsuit.

Examples of Workplace Accident Cases

Our practice includes construction accidents, defective product injuries, accidents at manufacturing plants, trip and falls, lifting injuries, repetitive trauma, back strains and whiplash. We have also helped people in wage differential matters. These cases involve obtaining the difference between a worker’s former income and the pay at a new job because injuries have caused a career change.

How an Attorney Can Help

Our lawyers fight for clients’ rights at workers compensation commission hearings to get full payment for medical treatment and lost wages. Depending on the client’s situation, we seek temporary total disability payments, rehabilitation benefits, permanent total disability awards and other benefits. Although most cases can be resolved at the workers comp commission level, our firm will take your case as far as needed in search of the results you deserve. If your case also involves a third party claim, we will develop a strong case based on the facts of the accident.

Contact an Attorney

To learn about your options after an on-the-job accident, contact Frederick & Hagle to schedule a free initial consultation. Call our Champaign-Urbana office toll free at 1-800-642-1227 for an appointment. Attorney fees in worker’s compensation matters are established by law, so you will always know how much it will cost to get the results you deserve.


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