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Workers’ Compensation

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The Insurance Company Is Not On Your Side

Workers’ compensation is meant to help injured workers get medical care and wage replacement, but it is a process designed with many challenges for the employee. In the majority of cases, the worker needs a lawyer to obtain adequate benefits from the employer’s insurance company.

The lawyers at Frederick & Hagle understand Illinois workers’ compensation law. We are ready to help you with permanent partial impairment (PPI) or permanent partial disability (PPD) claims. This is a complex issue, so it is best to speak with us about your case. Please call 1-800-642-1227 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation with a Champaign PPI lawyer.

We Help Workers Receive The Right Compensation

Permanent partial disability (PPD) benefits are available for an employee who suffers some permanent disability or disfigurement, but who can still work in some type of employment. PPD/PPI includes:

  • Complete or partial loss of a body part
  • Complete or partial loss of use of a part of the body
  • Partial loss of use of the body as a whole

The amount of compensation you are entitled to is based on the impairment rating issued by the treating physician. It is critical that you receive a rating that accurately reflects your disability. You may also receive vocational rehabilitative job training in PPD cases.

PPI/PPD may limit the worker to certain kinds of employment, which may mean a lower salary than his or her previous job. Workers with PPD may receive wage differential benefits if they cannot earn the same salary after their injuries. Currently, workers may receive two-thirds of the difference between their former salary (pre-injury) and what they are earning post-injury.

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