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Workers’ Compensation

Champaign Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyers

Seeking Workers’ Comp And Third-Party Compensation

People who drive for their jobs include truckers, delivery people, bus drivers, taxi and limousine drivers, salespeople, home health aides, and garbage truck drivers. If you drive for work, a vehicle accident is likely the greatest risk you face on the job. While you may receive workers’ compensation benefits for a work vehicle accident, you may be entitled to additional damages from a negligent third party.

At Frederick & Hagle, our workers’ compensation lawyers can assist you with the workers’ comp claim as well as a separate personal injury or wrongful death suit. We have extensive experience with Illinois workers’ comp and personal injury law. Please call 1-800-642-1227 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation with a Champaign commercial vehicle accident attorney.

Injured While Driving For Work?

In addition to tractor-trailers and semis, commercial vehicles can include delivery trucks, construction vehicles, taxis, limousines, cargo vans, buses and shuttles. If the driver who hit you is liable for the accident, we may file a personal injury suit against him or her. Compensation that we recover for you in third-party claims is in addition to the workers’ compensation benefits you receive.

Injured workers often discover that workers’ compensation benefits are not enough to cover the cost of their injuries and lost income. Receiving additional compensation can be critical for you and your family, especially if you cannot return to your job or if you suffer a disabling injury such as:

Wrongful death compensation may be available for people who lose a family member in work-related vehicle accidents. Please speak with our attorneys to discuss how we may help you with a wrongful death suit.

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