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Automobile Safety

If you had to pick a place to sit during a car accident, where would you choose? Many people would opt for the backseat. That could very well be a mistake, however, because recent research has found that passengers sitting in the backseat are as much as 46% more like to be fatally injured in a motor vehicle accident than individuals in the front seat.

What makes the backseat so risky?

As technology has developed over the past decade, so too has the structure and safety of the front-end of vehicles. This is largely due to changes in electronic stability controls, structural changes, and side airbags. With that said, the backseat has not adapted at the same pace. Perhaps this is why fatalities from individuals sitting in the front seat of significantly fallen, fatalities from people sitting in the back have not. Mentioned briefly above, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has stated that individuals in the backseat are killed in car crashes 46% more often than those in the front seat. Note that this risk increases with age. The backseat is still the safest place for young children who are 13 years old and younger – but for every year over that threshold, the risk incurred by sitting in the backseat increases.

Backseat Safety

Many people miss wearing their seatbelts when they are in the backseat. This is likely brought on by a false sense of security that the backseat is “safe” and they are less likely to experience injuries. Seatbelt laws also don’t typically pertain to backseat passengers, which means that passengers can choose whether they want to wear them or not without breaking the law. And, of course, backseat seatbelts are often less comfortable than those in the front seat, leading to many individuals who prefer to ride without them.

It is important to note that passengers can still be seriously injured in the backseat. At Frederick & Hagle, we see many backseat passengers suffering from injuries like facial lacerations, neck and head injuries, broken bones, and chest injuries.

Injuries and Accidents

Studies have shown that adults 55 years or older have an increased risk of dying from backseat injuries, and that’s even if they are wearing their seatbelt properly. When they fail to wear their seatbelt at all, the risk is even higher. In 2015, this danger was illustrated tragically well with the death of John Forbes Nash, Jr. and Bob Simon. Nash was the mathematician who inspired the movie A Beautiful Mind and Simon was a popular 60 Minutes correspondent. The public was devastated at these losses, but many people still neglect to wear their seatbelts and take precautions when riding in the backseat.

Personal Injury Claims in Illinois

In the state of Illinois, personal injury law covers auto accident injuries, although a wrongful death case might be established should it possible to prove negligence. Personal injury lawsuits are covered by civil court, and there is a two-year statute of limitations in effect (from the date of the accident) usually limits when cases can be filed. There are also several different statutes of limitations that might apply depending upon the case in question, which is why contacting an experienced attorney is such a good idea.

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