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Erratic driving leads to multiple Illinois car accident victims

On behalf of of Frederick & Hagle posted in Car Accidents on Wednesday, October 8, 2014.

When a driver possibly should not be behind the wheel of a vehicle, other drivers and travelers could be put at serious risk. That driver may end up being involved in multiple accidents that result in the serious injury or even death of other individuals. In such a situation, multiple parties may have cause to seek legal action against the driver considered responsible for a car accident, or potentially that driver’s estate.

A driver in Illinois recently contributed to accidents that led to numerous injuries and fatalities. It was reported that the driver of a pickup truck had apparently been involved in multiple accidents in one day. The driver had been seen lying across the steering wheel of his truck, but when individuals inquired about his condition, the driver stated that he was fine and continued traveling. The final accident he was involved in occurred due to his running a red light and colliding with stopped vehicles across the intersection.

That last collision resulted in the truck driver as well as two other individuals in another vehicle suffering fatal injuries. It was reported that three other parties were taken to the hospital, and two of those individuals were considered to be in critical condition. Eight additional travelers suffered minor injuries in connection with the accidents. It is unclear at this time what may have contributed to the truck driver’s erratic driving.

Though the truck driver was also killed in the Illinois car accident, the families of the deceased victims and those individuals who were seriously injured may still be able to seek compensation. By filing wrongful death or personal injury claims against the estate of the driver considered responsible, parties may be able to present their civil cases for pursuing monetary reparations. Additional information on how to follow such routes in the hopes of pursuing damages may be helpful.

Source: NBC Chicago, “3 Dead, 11 Hurt in Oak Lawn Crash: Officials“, , Oct. 6, 2014

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