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Illinois car accident results in man’s death

On behalf of of Frederick & Hagle posted in Car Accidents on Wednesday, April 2, 2014.

Many drivers may not give much thought when they drive over the speed limit. They may feel that they are in enough control that traveling faster than considered necessary will not be an issue. Unfortunately, speed contributes to many serious accidents every year, and a car accident involving a speeding vehicle can quickly become a fatal accident.

Speed is currently being considered a factor in an Illinois car accident that left one man dead. According to reports, a white vehicle collided with the rear of a truck that was traveling the roadway. As a result, the truck veered and then overturned two times.

The driver of the truck was reported as having suffered fatal injuries to his brain as a result of the crash, and he was declared dead on site. The driver of the other vehicle was also injured, but those injuries were considered minor. At this time, authorities are continuing to investigate the accident to determine what other factors may have played a role. It was mentioned that there are currently charges pending against the driver of the white vehicle involved in the fatal crash.

Many car crashes could have been prevented if a driver had simply followed proper driving procedures. This car accident may be no different as it potentially may not have happened if a driver had not been speeding. Unfortunately, however, it did take place and a life was lost as a result. The family of the victim will undoubtedly face difficult times ahead, and they may wish to look into their options for pursuing a wrongful death claim by learning more about relevant Illinois laws.

Source: CBS Chicago, “Police: Fatal Crash Closes Southbound Edens For 6 Hours“, , March 30, 2014

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