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Illinois employees in any field susceptible to workplace accident

On behalf of Jeffrey Frederick of Frederick & Hagle posted in Workplace Accidents on Thursday, October 4, 2012.

When readers think of an Illinois worker being injured while on the job, they often picture professions that are more stereotypically high-risk, professions such as construction work or maybe industrial work. However, employees in any field are potentially at risk for an accident on the job. Accidents are unpredictable in their nature, so it is for this reason that federal law requires all states provide workers compensation insurance for employees that are injured on the job or through the course of their work.

Not only are employees protected if they are injured, they are protected from retaliation in the event that they file a claim to collect such benefits in the face of injury. It is illegal for a company to fire an injured employee for filing a workers’ compensation claim.

An employee at an Illinois nursing home suffered from an injury through the course of her work. When this employee filed a workers’ compensation claim, she also issued a report of potential neglect of patients at the nursing home to her supervisor. Shortly thereafter, the woman’s employment was terminated.

She and her attorney are alleging that her termination was retaliation on behalf of the company for filing a workers’ compensation claim and reports of possible neglect of patients. The wronged employee reports that the termination caused her to suffer emotional trauma. Consequently, she issued a four-part complaint against her former employer seeking over $200,000 and other costs. The outcome of this case remains to be seen.

Workers’ compensation benefits are critical to injured employees in Illinois, because not only do these benefits cover medical bills resulting from the injury or accident, but they will also serve to replace income lost during recovery and missed work. Employers will meet repercussion for retaliatory discharge.

Source: Madison County Record, “Mayville Manor Worker claims retaliatory discharge after comp claim,” Kelly Holleran, Oct. 2, 2012

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