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Man killed by hydraulic press in workplace accident

On behalf of Jeffrey Frederick of Frederick & Hagle posted in Workplace Accidents on Wednesday, June 22, 2016.

An out-of-state family is without a loved one after a terrifying accident. Workers’ compensation benefits are an invaluable resource to victims who are injured on the job, but surviving family members are typically less sure of the benefits to which they are entitled. When an Illinois loved one is killed in a workplace accident, his or her family can apply for temporary death benefits through the workers’ comp system.

The accident occurred early in the morning when the victim and at least one co-worker were working with a hydraulic press. Other employees were also present in the press area at the time, but none appeared to have been directly involved in the accident that the company has since blamed on some type of miscommunication. Ultimately, the victim was somehow caught in the hydraulic press and crushed, suffering catastrophic head injuries.

The company released a statement acknowledging the worker’s death and also noting that counseling is being offered to other workers who were present for the tragic accident. Homicide detectives did not appear to have any trouble cooperating with the company, and they later determined that foul play did not appear to be involved. The investigation was then handed over to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. OSHA records detailed prior serious violations that were cited over a two-year period.

Investigators are still not entirely sure what events led to the workplace accident that claimed the victim’s life. However, this does not prevent any of his surviving family from seeking death benefits from workers’ compensation. In Illinois, this temporary package is intended to help families transition to life without the financial support of their lost loved ones.

Source: 10tv.com, “Worker crushed to death by hydraulic press in west Columbus (UPDATE)“, Laura Borchers, June 20, 2016

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