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Man loses life when car runs a stop sign

When a car is in an accident with a truck, generally, the truck wins. In such situations, even the most basic driving error can create dire consequences for those involved. This was the case in a story out of Champaign, Illinois. A man has passed away after a recent collision with a truck.

Specifically, the 32-year-old fatal victim lost his life when he was involved in a car accident between a sedan and a pickup truck. The crash occurred on April 13, 2013. Sources report that the driver of the car was heading west on County Road 12 hundred North, when he ran a stop sign. The car hit the pickup truck instantaneously.

In this particular case, the fatal victim was riding in the car. Two others in the same vehicle were injured, and one woman was reported to be in critical condition.

Running a stop sign does not always result in such catastrophe, but on some occasions, the simple act can claim a person’s life. This was the case in the aforementioned story.

As the loved ones of the victim who passed struggle to cope with what has happened, they may discover legal rights in relation to the death of the 32-year-old man. For example, if another’s fault led to the man’s passing, the family could potentially recover from the at-fault party for the heartache experienced by the victim’s death. While no amount of money could replace a lost life, the family could receive some sort of restitution in the matter. Moreover, the injured victim who stands in critical condition could potentially recover from negligent parties for injuries that she sustained in the accident, too.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, you may benefit from speaking with a qualified personal injury law attorney about your available recovery options.

Source: WAND 17, “Champaign man dies after car accident,” April 22, 2013

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