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Motorcycle collision in Illinois leaves woman with fatal injuries

On behalf of of Frederick & Hagle posted in Motorcycle Accidents on Friday, April 8, 2016.

It is not unusual for motorcycle accidents to end in fatalities. Riders on these small vehicles are far less protected than occupants of larger automobiles. Therefore, when a crash takes place, it is more likely that serious injuries will result. Unfortunately, a recent motorcycle collision in Illinois had similar outcomes as it resulted in the death of one individual.

Reports stated that around 6:30 p.m. a motorcycle carrying two riders was entering a rest area. At that time, the motorcycle was hit in the rear by a second motorcycle also entering the rest area. The collision caused the passenger on the first bike to be ejected. She was reported as being 51 years old. The driver of the motorcycle she was riding was reported as a 45-year-old male, and the driver of the second motorcycle was apparently a 56-year-old male.

The woman suffered fatal injuries as a result of being thrown during the collision. She was later declared deceased by a county coroner. It was unclear whether either of the two surviving motorcyclist suffered injuries as a result of the incident. It was also not mentioned whether any charges will be filed, but the investigation into the crash is likely ongoing.

The family of the woman killed in this Illinois motorcycle collision will undoubtedly have much on their minds in the wake of the crash. They may be trying to make funeral arrangements while dealing with emotional and financial struggles that could result from such an endeavor. If they wish to do so, they may find exploring information on wrongful death claims useful. Filing a claim against the driver considered at fault could allow them to pursue reparations for their losses and other damages.

Source: news-gazette.com, “Woman dies in motorcycle crash at I-57 rest stop“, April 4, 2016

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