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OSHA cites Fukuvi USA for worker injured on the job

On behalf of Jeffrey Frederick of Frederick & Hagle posted in Industrial Workers’ Accidents on Wednesday, January 20, 2016.

An industrial accident prompted the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to cite Fukuvi USA Inc. for serious violations of safety protocol. One worker outside of Illinois was injured on the job due to the alleged violation. In a statement later released by OSHA, it made it clear that employers could easily prevent worker injuries by keeping a focus on safety and employing necessary preventative protocols.

The injured worker is employed at Fukuvi USA’s plastic extrusion factory and was in the process of completing his normal work duties when the accident occurred. His left arm was seriously injured when it became entangled in a machine into which he was feeding plastic. OSHA pointed out that the machine should have been equipped with a safety guard that would have prevented the accident from ever occurring in the first place.

OSHA’s citation notes that Fukuvi was willfully negligent by failing to provide a safe working environment for employees. Not only must the company now shell out $49,000 in fines — an arguably low figure for such a tragedy — it must also install necessary safety precautions in its factory and then pass a subsequent OSHA investigation. Fukuvi does have the option to contest the citation and the need to update safety protocols, but it has yet to comment on the decision.

For physical laborers, an industrial accident can severely limit their ability to work in an industry to which they may have dedicated years of their life. Willful negligence of safety standards not only puts employees at risk for a physical injury, but also threatens their very livelihood. Since the vast majority of injured workers in Illinois simply want to return to work in order to support themselves and their families, optimal recovery is a necessary aspect of achieving that goal. Workers’ compensation is an invaluable asset to the recovery process by ensuring that workers who have been injured on the job are medically and financially supported until such a time that they are able to return to the workplace.

Source: whio.com, “Huber Heights company cited in workplace accident“, Jan. 11, 2016

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