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Pedestrian accidents can leave children with tragic fate

On behalf of Jeffrey Frederick of Frederick & Hagle posted in Pedestrian Accidents on Monday, July 29, 2013.

A pedestrian accident involving a vehicle often ends with catastrophic results. Pedestrians have little defense against the speed and weight of a traveling vehicle. When pedestrian accidents involve children, that child’s life could be cut short much too soon, and parents can be left in a devastating state of grief as they must come to terms with the almost unfathomable loss of their child. It is an unfortunate reality that children are just as vulnerable — if not more so — to fatal accidents as adults.

An 11-year-old Illinois girl was tragically pronounced dead at the scene of a pedestrian accident. The young girl was reportedly attempting to cross the street when she was struck by a vehicle traveling down the roadway. Emergency crews attempted to revive the unresponsive girl when they arrived on the scene but were unable to do so.

The driver of the vehicle is currently facing several citations after her involvement in the accident. She was allegedly driving without a valid driver’s license and did not have insurance. She was also cited with failure to slow her vehicle to avoid an accident. As the accident resulted in a fatality, the driver could be facing more serious allegations as the investigation continues.

Pedestrian accidents can occur anywhere, and it was reported that the young girl was only a block away from her home when the accident occurred. Her parents are undoubtedly at a loss as to how this accident could have happened and taken the life of their child. They now must face the possibly distressing task of arranging a funeral for their little girl. In the wake of their financial strain and emotional suffering, they may also wish to pursue a wrongful death claim against the driver of the vehicle for funeral costs and other damages permitted under Illinois law.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “11-year-old Harvey girl hit, killed by car,” Liam Ford, July 20, 2013

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