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Scaffold implemented in serious construction accident

On behalf of Jeffrey Frederick of Frederick & Hagle posted in Construction Workers’ Accidents on Thursday, July 2, 2015.

Scaffolding appears to be at blame for a worker who suffered a catastrophic head injury while at the construction site for a new NFL stadium. While the vast majority of scaffold injuries in Illinois involve workers falling off of them, this construction accident might be unique in that the man was not actually on the scaffold at the time of the incident. Instead, witnesses report that the scaffolding collapsed, falling on the worker.

Construction on the new Falcon stadium began in 2013, with a projected end date of 2017. With a project spanning approximately four years, staying on top of safety protocols and practices is an essential aspect of protecting construction workers. While it does not appear that any accidents occurred at the work site prior to this, no one appears to be entirely sure exactly what caused the metal scaffolding structure to fall, although the company overseeing the construct acknowledged that it occurred during the removal of that particular scaffold structure.

The worker who was hit had to be transported to the hospital where he is currently undergoing treatment for the traumatic brain injury that he suffered. The company also asserts that it will be launching an investigation to ensure that all proper safety practices were in place at the time. Falcon officials did not make a statement concerning the worker’s injury or well-being.

Although the construction company does appear to be committed to its workers’ safety, there was still some issue with the safe removal of the scaffold that led to this construction accident. For injured Illinois workers, an understanding and empathetic employer can be invaluably helpful when filing for workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits can help ensure financial security during an injured workers recovery time until such a time that he or she is able to return to work.

Source: ajc.com, “Scaffolding falls on worker at new Atlanta Falcons stadium site“, July 1, 2015

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