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Seeking workers’ compensation death benefits shouldn’t be hard

On behalf of Jeffrey Frederick of Frederick & Hagle posted in Workers’ Compensation on Monday, November 17, 2014.

There is little if anything that can help ease the pain and grief of losing a loved one. Particularly when a family loses a breadwinner, the grieving process may be overshadowed by financial troubles and struggling simply to meet daily expenses, much less handle costly funeral expenses. While many people in Illinois know that injured workers are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, some may be unaware that families of those killed on the job are also eligible for necessary compensation.

Through workers’ compensation, families of victims can receive both death benefits and survivor benefits. Death benefits are specifically for dependents, and they may be awarded up to $8,000 for funeral costs. In the event that the victim has no spouse or children who are still dependent, surviving parents may be eligible for these benefits.

For survivor benefits, dependents usually receive a portion of the victim’s wage. While the amount can vary, dependents cannot receive less than half of whatever the weekly average was in the state when the accident occurred, and these payments usually continue for 25 years. Additionally, if the family receives $500,000 before 25 years have passed, then the benefits will end.

When confronted with an unjust death of a loved one, dealing with additional financial burdens may be more than some families can bare. We believe that Illinois families should receive the maximum of what they are entitled to through workers’ compensation benefits and help shoulder some of the burden until a claim is successfully resolved. If you’d like more information about death benefits or believe that a third party may also be liable for your loved one’s death, please visit our web site.

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