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Sun impairs vision, leads to car accident in Illinois

On behalf of of Frederick & Hagle posted in Car Accidents on Thursday, September 5, 2013.

When a car accident occurs, many drivers passing the scene may wonder what took place. Those involved in the crash are often wondering what steps they are going to need to take when it comes to dealing with insurance claims and damages. If a car accident results in injuries, those involved may be consumed with worry about recovery for those injured, and they may also be wondering if they could gain compensation for the damages and injuries sustained in the accident.

An accident occurred in Illinois when two vehicles collided as one attempted to enter the roadway. According to reports, a vehicle was apparently attempting to leave an access road in front of a community center and enter the main highway when it was struck by another vehicle on the main roadway. The driver of the second vehicle reportedly told police that she did not see the other vehicle entering the roadway because the sun impaired her vision.

Reports also state that three people were injured in the accident, though the extent of their injuries is unknown. They were, however, transported to an area hospital to be treated for the injuries they sustained. There were no reports as to whether the driver deemed at fault for the accident would be facing any citations or charges relating to the incident.

Everyone involved in the car accident is undoubtedly shaken up by the event. The driver deemed at fault for the accident may be anxious to see what consequences may occur from the incident while those injured deal with their treatment and recovery. In some cases, recovery from injuries sustained in a car crash can take significant time and result in a considerable financial burden. Those injured may wish to look into information on personal injury claims to determine whether they may be entitled to compensation for damages permitted under Illinois law.

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