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Temporary workers injured on the job

On behalf of of Frederick & Hagle posted in Workplace Injuries on Friday, December 6, 2013.

Temporary workers injured on the job can have a difficult time in reporting a workplace accident and claiming workers’ compensation. When a person fears they may lose their scarce and low-paying position, they may have conflicting feelings on how they should proceed. However, some may choose professional help in collecting compensation that is rightfully owed to them by their employer when they are injured on the job.

An Illinois woman, who was registered with a local temp agency, was among thousands of workers assigned to a position for which they had little to no experience. She claims that working conditions of the temporary labor position she was given at a nearby plastic manufacturing facility felt immediately uncomfortable. Reports indicate she not only experienced strong chemical odors upon entering the building, but she also suffered workplace injury when her hand was burned while working on a mold.

She had purportedly attempted to report her workplace injury to the temp agency responsible for her employment, but apparently nothing was done. She claims to have been fearful about losing her position, and after the incident, she was not provided another work opportunity again by the agency. Because temporary laborers are hired through subcontractors, the companies providing positions to temporary workers can be free from legal documents and liabilities regarding the laborers — leaving the agencies responsible for anything that goes wrong.

Recently, the National Council on Occupational Safety and Health submitted a number of suggestions to OSHA on how to provide a safer environment for the large number of temporary workers that exist. These included a clearer outline of employer responsibility as well as providing greater information to temporary workers regarding their safety and reporting rights. Temporary workers injured on the job in Illinois may choose to pursue legal action in obtaining compensation for lost wages and physical impairment in a situation where their rights had been denied.

Source: inthesetimes.com, A New Day, A New Danger: Temporary Workers Face Safety Hazards at Work, Michelle Chen, Dec. 2, 2013

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