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We fight to appeal denied workers’ compensation benefits

On behalf of Jeffrey Frederick of Frederick & Hagle posted in Workers’ Compensation on Friday, October 24, 2014.

Even with America’s recent recession in the rear view mirror, living paycheck to paycheck is still a reality for many workers in Illinois. When anything interrupts an individual’s ability to work, even for a brief time period, it can become impossible to stay up to date on bill payments, much less be able to meet daily needs. Fortunately, people who have been injured in the course of completing their work duties are typically entitled to workers’ compensation benefits that can help keep them afloat during difficult times.

No matter the injury, workplace injuries can cause significant injuries that may preclude an individual from being able to return to work until fully recovered. During that time, workers often face substantial medical bills that may even extend into the future if rehabilitation or ongoing care is necessary. Unfortunately, these bills may not even be at the forefront of a worker’s mind as they could also be struggling with scrapping together enough money to feed their family.

These are simply two examples of circumstances that workers’ compensation benefits can help prevent. If a worker is cared for financially after an injury, they may be more likely to focus on their recovery, which can get them back to work and in a better state of health more quickly than if they are consumed by money problems. Unfortunately, claims that should be approved are initially denied more often than they should be.

We know the overwhelming sense of dread and worry that accompanies a financially devastating injury, and our goal is to successfully seek the maximum compensation available. When a first attempt is unsuccessful, we can help navigate the appeals process as well. Our firm is proud to have represented many Illinois workers who have been denied their rightfully owed workers’ compensation, including construction workers and those who are employed in the service industry. If you need help filing for workers’ compensation or suspect that your claim was wrongfully denied but still feel uncertain of your options, this webpage contains valuable information that may help clarify your situation.

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