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Workers’ comp claim contested after snake causes workplace injury

On behalf of Jeffrey Frederick of Frederick & Hagle posted in Workplace Injuries on Thursday, July 28, 2016.

Company owners in Illinois are responsible for the safety of their employees while they are at work, and safe workplace environments are included in workers’ rights. However, in some cases, workers have to fight to get compensation after suffering a workplace injury. One such incident was recently reported from another state.

Reportedly, a woman was preparing to go on her lunch break at work when she felt a sudden shooting pain in her foot, along with a feeling of wetness. Her first impression was that the moisture came from a leaking roof, but when she looked down, she saw the snake still attached to her big toe. The snake was apparently later identified as a young copperhead. The worker was hospitalized for three days for anti-venom treatment before she started physical therapy.

Although the snake’s venom was not strong enough to cause a life-threatening injury, the worker asserted that she has had to deal with pain and high medical costs along with the loss of income while she received treatment. She also claims to have been suffering recurring nightmares about the traumatic experience. However, after seeking workers’ compensation benefits, she was initially told that the injury does not qualify as work-related and that the company’s insurer intends to contest the claim.

The woman who has suffered this workplace injury has reportedly retained the services of a workers’ compensation attorney. Illinois victims of workplace injuries may follow similar steps to ensure professional support and guidance throughout the legal and administrative procedures of workers’ compensation benefits claims. When claims are contested and workers have difficulties in trying to collect benefits, a skilled attorney can help pursue legal redress through the workers’ compensation system.

Source: nbc12.com, “Chesterfield woman fights for workers comp after snake bite at work“, Shawn Maclauchlan, July 15, 2016

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