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2 Illinois women badly injured in car accident with fire engine

On behalf of of Frederick & Hagle posted in Car Accidents on Thursday, June 13, 2013.

Fire departments are a crucial part of society. They assist the community when trouble calls, and they extend their services to help with many more catastrophes than just fires. When on the call, firefighters try to get to the location where they are needed as quickly as possible. But fire engine drivers must be cautious when driving on busy roads such as the well-known Chicago Loop. Recently, a fire engine was involved in a car accident that caused serious injury to two Illinois women.

The driver of the fire truck reportedly turned on the lights and sirens as it approached an intersection. Other vehicle operators noticed the fire truck, and those vehicles stopped to give the driver the right of way. However, a car containing two women failed to yield to the engine, so the driver, unable to stop in time, crashed into the car.

The engine forced the car onto the sidewalk and into another parked car. Both women sustained serious injuries and had to be rushed to an area hospital. No firefighters were harmed, and the engine was only minimally damaged. The accident will be investigated further, and no citations or arrests were made in the immediate aftermath.

Our society depends on the services provided by fire departments all over the country. It is standard in Illinois to yield to a fire engine when its siren and lights are on. If the initial suggestion by authorities is confirmed, the passenger in the car accident may have a personal injury claim against the driver for medical expenses, lost income from work and pain and suffering.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “2 hurt after car and fire engine accident in the Loop,” Carlos Sadovi, June 3, 2013

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