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Accident at Waffle House results in at least 1 injured employee

Even when proper safety protocols are otherwise respected, unforeseen events can still pose a serious threat to Illinois employees. There was at least one injured employee when a pickup collided with an out-of-state Waffle House recently. A total of three people are believed to have been injured.

Shortly after noon, the pickup truck crashed into the restaurant and knocked a hole into one of the walls situated behind the grill. Those inside of the restaurant at the time of the wreck — both employees and customers — claim to have heard a boom, leading some to believe that the accident may have caused the grill to explode. Whether this actually occurred is still unclear.

The woman who was operating the grill at the time of the accident had to be taken to the hospital for injuries that she suffered. Another employee says that she and another employee were struck by a falling coffee machine, which caused them to collide with a third individual. At least one of them suffered burns, and a customer may have also been injured.

Although most restaurant employees may not expect to be injured by a vehicle driving into the building, if an accident results in employees being injured while performing work-related tasks — such as the employee that was manning the grill as the truck crashed into the building — they are still eligible for workers’ compensation. For those in Illinois suffering from an on-the-job injury, workers’ compensation benefits can often help deal with related medical bills and lost wages. These benefits can be crucial to the overall recovery of an injured employee.

Source: oakridgetoday.com, “Three possibly injured after truck crashes into Waffle House“, John Huotari, Sept. 12, 2014

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