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Car accident in Illinois leaves several injured

When a vehicle overturns, it is not unusual for the vehicle to sustain serious damage and for injuries to be occupants. Such a car accident can take place under various circumstances, and it may not be immediately clear what played a role in causing the crash. However, authorities will likely determine who may have been at fault for the accident, and seriously injured parties may want to consider filing a legal claim.

It was recently reported that an accident in Illinois led to serious injuries. The accident appeared to only involve one vehicle, and that vehicle had overturned. Photos from the scene show an SUV resting on its roof. Reports indicated that there were at least 6 people in the SUV at the time of the crash. Two of those individuals were thrown from the vehicle during the accident.

At least one party suffered fatal injuries, and five other individuals were transported from the scene with serious injuries. It was noted that the occupants were apparently carpooling from work. Authorities are continuing to investigate.

This type of situation can be a difficult one in which to be involved. The injured parties may face considerable pain and suffering as a result, and the family of the deceased victim may face struggles of their own. It is possible that the driver of the SUV was responsible for the accident. If that is the case and the driver survived the incident, there may be cause to file civil claims against that individual; if the driver died, the actions may be brought against the driver’s estate. Information on filing personal injury and/or wrongful death claims could help affected parties seek compensation for damages resulting from the Illinois car accident.

Source: abc7chicago.com, “1 dead, 5 injured in rollover crash on OB I-290 at Laramie“, July 31, 2015

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