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Majority of injured workers eligible for workers’ compensation

On behalf of Jeffrey Frederick of Frederick & Hagle posted in Workers’ Compensation on Friday, August 7, 2015.

Although workers’ compensation benefits and what they apply to are rather straightforward, there often seems to be little to no limit to the amount of misinformation that gets passed around. Some of these common untruths can even lead Illinois workers to believe that certain work-related injuries are simply not applicable when it comes to receiving benefits. However, barring exceptional circumstances, workers’ compensation is intended for employees who have been injured while completing work-related duties.

Injuries suffered during the course of completing work-related duties can range from a strained back due to heavy lifting to a serious illness — such as lung cancer — for workers who were exposed to dangerous or toxic substances. For employees who spend most of their time behind the wheel, a car wreck in a company vehicle is also considered to be a workplace accident, and any injuries that stem from it may be compensable through workers’ comp. Even certain injuries arising from accidents involving employees accused of disregarding safety rules can be eligible for benefits, although there has been significant debate concerning this particular issue.

While the majority of workers’ compensation recipients were injured during the course of their work duties, there are some exceptions to the rule. For instance, if an employee is injured in a break or lunch room, the accident can still be considered a workplace accident and thus eligible for benefits. Even injuries sustained off the job site can be covered by workers’ comp if it was a work-related event, such as a holiday-themed party.

Despite the existence of clear and reliable workers’ compensation benefits information that exists on the Internet, myths concerning what is and is not covered continue to abound. Unfortunately, these types of untruths can put injured workers in compromising positions by persuading them that they are not actually eligible for benefits that they might deserve. Illinois workers who are uncertain if their injury qualifies as a work place accident might be pleased to learn that the vast majority of injuries suffered while on the job can be eligible for benefits through the workers’ compensation system.

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