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Illinois teen suffers serious injuries, dies after accident

On behalf of Jeffrey Frederick of Frederick & Hagle posted in Pedestrian Accidents on Friday, May 23, 2014.

Losing a child could be among the worst fears that a parent has. Many of them know, however, that they cannot protect their children from everything, as much as they might like to. Children face dangers every day, and even mundane activities can suddenly take a turn for the worst. Crossing the street may seem like a simple action for some teenagers, but if they are struck by a vehicle, they could suffer serious injuries.

An Illinois teen recently died from such injuries after being hit by a vehicle. Reports stated that the 14-year-old female had been attempting to cross the street at the time of the accident. It was also noted that the girl ended up in a ditch near the intersection where the incident apparently took place.

The young girl suffered serious injuries and was transported to an area hospital. Unfortunately, she succumbed to those injuries and was declared dead at the hospital. The driver involved reportedly left the scene but returned during the investigation. He is currently facing a felony charge and multiple misdemeanor charges in relation to the event. He was taken into custody and held on a $50,000 bond.

The parents of the young girl may feel as if they have been placed in a nightmare after losing their daughter in such a sudden accident. Because the serious injuries the teenager suffered resulted in her death, the family may wish to determine whether a wrongful death claim could be right for their situation. If they filed a claim and if it was successful, they may be able to use any compensation received to pay for funeral costs and other expenses resulting from the Illinois accident.

Source: CBS Chicago, “Teenage Girl Struck, Killed By Vehicle In Joliet“, , May 19, 2014

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