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Illinois truck accident leads to death

On behalf of Jeffrey Frederick of Frederick & Hagle posted in Truck Accidents on Thursday, May 29, 2014.

Obstructions in the roadway can sometimes cause drivers delays or other inconveniences. However, there are times when an object appears suddenly and a driver is unable to avoid it. Consequently, a truck accident could occur if a semi-truck driver is unable to avoid an object and ends up losing control of the truck.

A similar incident occurred in Illinois and resulted in the death of a driver. The situation began when the tailgate of a dump truck apparently came off the truck and landed in the roadway. A semi-truck then ran over the tailgate and lost control. Apparently the event caused the truck to roll over and land on top of an SUV. The semi-truck was reportedly hauling 40,000 pounds of milk.

The driver of the SUV suffered fatal injuries and was declared dead on site. Illinois State Police are conducting an investigation into the accident. It is unclear at this time who may be deemed at fault for the fatal incident. More information could possibly be available as authorities draw conclusions regarding their investigation.

Because of the nature of the events in this truck accident, the family of the victim may be uncertain as to how to proceed with any legal action that they may wish to take. When authorities conclude their investigation, the family may be provided with helpful information. Until that time, exploring legal options in Illinois may allow them to be prepared to take action when a driver is deemed at fault, if they wish to seek compensation for damages resulting from the accident.

Source: ksdk.com, “Woman killed in multicar accident on Ill. Highway 140”, Aja J. Williams, May 15, 2014

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