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Illinois truck accident involves multiple rigs, results in injury

On behalf of Jeffrey Frederick of Frederick & Hagle posted in Truck Accidents on Thursday, December 26, 2013.

Big rig accidents are almost always horrifying to see. The large vehicles can quickly inflict significant amounts of damage in just a matter of moments. When multiple vehicles are involved in a truck accident, there is a high potential for serious injuries to occur. When such an event does take place, an injured party may which to explore their legal options when it comes to possibly seeking compensation for damages.

An accident in Illinois occurred that involved three tractor trailers. Details on the event were not given other than it took place in the late morning on the I-57 Bridge. It was mentioned in a video report that the severe weather and extensive rains in the Cairo area may have contributed to the accident happening.

At least one person was injured in the event, though it was unclear which truck the individual may have been in. The extent of the injuries was also unknown, but damage shown of one of the tractor trailers could be considered extensive and the injuries could possibly be serious. Authorities should continue to investigate the incident to determine what factors may have played a role and who may have been at fault.

If the truck accident did result in serious injuries, the injured party may which to explore their legal options. If the individual wishes to seek compensation for any medical bills accumulated due to treatment of injuries or other permitted damages, information on Illinois laws concerning personal injury claims could provide reliable information. A successful claim could potentially allow the injured party to receive monetary reparations for expenses stemming from the accident.

Source: kfvs12.com, Multi tractor-trailer crash injures 2 near Cairo, No author, Dec. 21, 2013

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