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Permanent partial disability ruling in a workplace injury lawsuit

On behalf of of Frederick & Hagle posted in Workplace Injuries on Thursday, October 17, 2013.

When a worker experiences a workplace injury that causes severe pain and eventual disability, they may feel exhaustion and worry with the situation they are in. Workers’ compensation benefits in Illinois for disability is available for those hurt at work, though sometimes legal action is necessary to receive compensation. A recent permanent partial disability ruling in a workplace injury lawsuit highlights this reality.

A woman experienced lifting injuries at work when she claims to have felt a pop and pain from inside of her abdomen as she handled an empty pallet. A medical examination revealed an abdominal wall strain and lumbosacral strain to the lower part of her abdomen. After treatment the physician released her without restrictions, though she claims to have had continued pain once back at work. When she filed an additional claim, the employer denied it, purportedly deepening her already existing battle with depression. Reports reveal that eventually the employer agreed to allow additional treatment for the pain but without benefits for temporary disability.

Once legal action had been pursued by the victim, the courts investigated the work injury and decided it to be a significant cause for the worker’s psychological and permanent physical disability. Records reveal that the woman was awarded benefits to compensate for past medical expenses, psychiatric hospitalization and extensive treatment now and in the future for her abdominal injury. Prevailing pain, discomfort and mental anguish is to be addressed in her ongoing treatment as well.

Situations involving an Illinois employee being denied rightful workers compensation for medical care or disability could instigate a similar legal battle. Employees who experience a devastating accident while on the job can feel anxiety at the thought of having to financially struggle when they are barred from benefits. The recent permanent partial disability ruling in a workplace injury lawsuit may encourage victims to pursue their legal right to workers’ compensation.

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