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Trip and fall accidents on the rise for Illinois employees

On behalf of Jeffrey Frederick of Frederick & Hagle posted in Workplace Accidents on Sunday, November 30, 2014.

Winter came early to many places in the country, including Illinois. No matter the weather, life goes on despite frigid temperatures or snow on the ground, and many people continue to attend work and go to school. Unfortunately, this time of year can put workers at risk for certain injuries that they may not be susceptible to the rest of the year. Particularly, slip or trip and fall accidents are a threat. 

Since 2013, 32 percent of workers’ compensation claims in Illinois have been related to slip and fall accidents. Nearby states had similar rates, ranging from 29 to 37 percent. In general, all of these rates were significantly higher than employee slip and fall accidents in other states in the Midwest.

Icy roads and sidewalks may be of particular danger to employees that are expected to be outside or on the move at some point during their course of work. For instance, sales people who visit with prospective clients for sales calls or meetings might be at risk in an icy parking lot. As such, one authority on the subject believes that employers should exercise extra caution during periods of icy or slick winter weather.

While virtually every employee might face some sort of hazard or danger during his or her course of employment, it is up to the employer to provide a reasonably safe environment, along with any and all necessary training. Winter months can become particularly dangerous for employees in Illinois, as slick sidewalks or even ice tracked indoors can present a new hazard. When an employee is injured after a trip and fall accident in such conditions, he or she is usually covered by workers’ compensation benefits. Accidents involving falls can cause serious and significant damage, making workers’ compensation a necessary tool for recovery when it comes to dealing with medical bills and lost wages.

Source: grbj.com, “Winter slips and falls lead to rise in workers’ comp claims“, Charlsie Dewey, Nov. 28, 2014

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