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Illinois truck accident claims lives of young children

On behalf of of Frederick & Hagle posted in Truck Accidents on Thursday, August 18, 2016.

Many parents could never fathom the idea of losing a child, much less multiple children at once. Unfortunately, parents across the country are faced with such a reality far too often. In some cases, these deaths could come about due to fatal motor vehicle crashes. If a family loses loved ones due to a car or truck accident, they may wish to seek justice.

One family in Illinois may be contemplating such action after a recent crash. Details on how the incident took place were few, but it was reported that it involved a semi-truck and multiple other vehicles. The truck was heading north when it struck a van. The impact caused the van to then hit an SUV, a pickup and two additional vehicles.

There were at least three young children in the van at the time of the collision, and two of the young girls suffered fatal injuries. The third was hospitalized in critical condition. It was unclear whether any other individuals involved in the crash suffered injuries. However, it was noted that charges were pending against the 24-year-old truck driver.

The parents of the children killed and seriously injured in this truck accident are undoubtedly consumed with grief. These struggles, along with financial upheaval that may result from funeral expenses and other costs stemming from the crash, could cause them to face significant challenges. However, they are likely entitled to file a claim for monetary damages against the driver considered at fault in order to seek justice and compensation for their losses and other damages permitted under Illinois law.

Source: wgntv.com, “2 young girls from Chicago killed in downstate Illinois car crash“, Aug. 3, 2016

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