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Illinois truck accident results in woman’s death

On behalf of Jeffrey Frederick of Frederick & Hagle posted in Truck Accidents on Thursday, July 14, 2016.

When a family wishes to seek justice for a loved one who was killed in a car crash, information on their legal options may be useful. A wrongful death claim could allow individuals who have lost a family member in a car or truck accident to pursue compensation for the struggles that result from the incident. One family in Illinois may be considering such options after a recent accident.

Reports stated that the incident involved multiple vehicles. The driver of an SUV was reported as being a 74-year-old woman, and she stopped behind another vehicle that was waiting to make a turn. While stopped, her SUV was hit in the rear by a pickup truck. The impact caused the SUV to travel into the opposite lanes of travel, where it was then hit by a semi-truck.

The driver of the SUV was transported from the scene to an area hospital. but she unfortunately succumbed to her injuries and was declared dead. The driver of the semi-truck suffered minor injuries as did the driver of a fourth vehicle, though it was unclear how the vehicle may have been involved in the accident. The pickup truck driver was uninjured.

Because this truck accident resulted in a fatality, the family of the victim could have cause to file a legal claim. If they are interested in such action, they may wish to determine whether a wrongful death claim could be suited to their circumstances. Discussing their concerns with an experienced Illinois attorney could help them better understand their options and potential outcomes.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Woman killed after crash pushes SUV into path of oncoming truck“, Liam Ford, July 7, 2016

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